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It's a sad fact that women still do the majority of the housework. Oh sure, the guys are lifting their feet while we vacuum, but too often they're not doing anything else.

So I thought I'd combine the raw enjoyment of perving on naked men, with the sheer pleasure of watching a guy do the laundry.

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Erotic Fiction Excerpt

Wendy and the Washing Machine

It hadn't been great the first time, but that was to be expected. Unfortunately, it hadn't improved. John would start thrusting, and Wendy would wait for the thunderclap to hit her, just like it did in the books and movies, but obviously her vagina wasn't sensitive like other women's. She didn't come. She never came.

Wendy leant against the washing machine as it shuddered to life, churning and vibrating beneath her. If only it could be like it was before… She used to dream of how it would be, how his lips would cover her and bring her to life…

Wendy became aware that she was pressing her groin into the corner of the washing machine. It felt good… really good. The shudders and twitches seemed to reach into her, drawing out unexpected pleasure, and she realized she was wet between her thighs.

She felt shocked for a moment and pulled away, looking around instinctively in case someone was looking. But she was in the basement, alone, and no-one had seen. Hesitantly she returned to her original position, feeling strangely guilty but deciding to experiment, to see what would happen next...

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